DRILL MART, The Company

DRILL MART, LLC created to develop cost-effective drilling additives and services for various drilling industries – Oil & Gas, Geothermal, HDD, Water Well, Minerals & Mining, Construction, etc.

With successful products such as TORKease, VISCease, BORease, THINease, and others, DRILL MART, LLC has obtained an International reputation for manufacturing superior products for some of today’s most challenging drilling and workover activities.

Keeping abreast of new drilling technologies and drilling fluid challenges, DRILL MART, LLC continues to pursue the development of new products that will help our clients improve drilling operations while reducing overall drilling costs.

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Only TORKease remains stable and decreases torque in our geothermal slim-hole, diamond coring operations where existing formation temperatures
exceed 500°F 

-New Mexico

Without TORKease on location to provide lubrication for our high temperature geothermal exploration tests, we shut down! 


If you improve TORKease any more, it will be so slick we won’t be able to keep it in the bucket!