• While drilling the third well of a series, significant torque and drag was encountered at 8,700' due to hole deviation. A 0.8% concentration of TORKease was introduced into the mud system; an immediate 66% reduction in drag, from 60,000# to only 20,000# over string weight, was observed. Rotary torque was reduced by similar amounts. Subsequent bit and wiper trips were smooth,without incident after the addition of TORKease. A decision was made to utilize TORKeaseon the remaining wells, to reduce trouble time and to reduce overall well costs.
  • A horizontal well was drilling through the lateral section (>97°) with a 3% KCl/Xanthan Gum system; torque while sliding was especially high, and the end of the drilling project was imminent. As a last resort to make additional hole, two 5# bags of TORKease Conthcentrate were added through the drillpipe during a connection. Slide drilling was resumed as soon as the TORKease hit the bit! Treatments were continued, and TORKease helped to add over 80' of additional pay zone on this project.
  • Pipe became tight when sidetracking a geothermal well with 611°F BHT. When the drillstring unscrewed in two places due to excessive torque, a fishing job ensued. Jarring on the fish for over a week resulted in no progress. Within 12 minutes of circulating of 4 bags of TORKease Concentrate into the system, the first fish came free; after adding 6 more bags of TORKease, the second fish came free (after sitting on bottom for over 8 days!

Only TORKease remains stable and decreases torque in our geothermal slim-hole, diamond coring operations where existing formation temperatures
exceed 500°F 

-New Mexico

Without TORKease on location to provide lubrication for our high temperature geothermal exploration tests, we shut down! 


If you improve TORKease any more, it will be so slick we won’t be able to keep it in the bucket!