• On a directional well in western Alberta, angle had built to a maximum of 42°; very high torque and drag problems were encountered in an anhydrite section. The addition of glass beads did not help, and the addition of 7% diesel helped only marginally. The drillstring became stuck, requiring a fishing job. When drilling resumed, torque and drag were still excessive. 1% TORKease was added, immediately reducing the torque by 25-50%; torque started to drop as soon as the TORKease was circulated past the BHA. The greatest reduction came after the product was circulated for 1-2 days. This hole was completed to TD, and all logs went to bottom.
  • "Results from all TORKease additions were immediate and obvious within one circulation of mixing. Unlike many additives, basic properties of the polymer fluid were not affected by TORKease. Ease of handling, environmental compatibility, extreme temperature stability and cost effectiveness are an additional bonus."
  • On a directional well in a severely faulted area near Pincher Creek, severe torque and drag were encountered with the hole at 27 1/4° angle; the rig was having difficulties making connections, and was pulling 40,000# over string weight. A 1% concentration of TORKease was added, and torque and drag were completely eliminated after two circulations. Subsequent TORKease treatments were made to maintain the 1% concentration, and 100# of TORKease was spotted in the open hole prior to successfully running and cementing intermediate surface casing at 1,800m.
  • An exploratory well was being drilled, with a deviation of 27 1/4°; severe torque and drag was encountered. At a depth of 1,450 meters (4,757'), a connection became so tight as to require 50,000# over string weight to come off bottom. The addition of 100# (20bags) of TORKease Concentrate brought immediate and complete relief. TORKease was added regularly to the TD of 1,800 meters (5,906'), and casing was run in the hole (including through a severe dogleg) with no difficulty. "In addition to eliminating our torque and drag problems, TORKease considerably enhanced the mud properties in regard to filtrate control, flow properties, and particularly bit-cleaning."
  • A horizontal well, drilled from intermediate casing at 1,776 meters (5,827’) to a total depth of 2,907 meters (9,538'), had a horizontal displacement of 1,131 meters (3,711'). Shortly after commencing the horizontal section, drag averaged 20,000 to 25,000 daN over string weight; it took 40 daN over string weight to break free when orienting directional tools. A 1% concentration of TORKease immediately and dramatically reduced the drag to 12,000 daN over string weight on connections, and only 20,000 daN break-free when orienting –a 50% reduction. The next day, the TORKease concentration was increased to 2% -drag and break-free dropped to a maximum of 7,000 daN and 14,000 daN, respectively. This represents a 65% improvement, and the 2% TORKease concentration was maintained to TD (total depth).

Only TORKease remains stable and decreases torque in our geothermal slim-hole, diamond coring operations where existing formation temperatures
exceed 500°F 

-New Mexico

Without TORKease on location to provide lubrication for our high temperature geothermal exploration tests, we shut down! 


If you improve TORKease any more, it will be so slick we won’t be able to keep it in the bucket!