• A 12,000', 30" pipeline was being drilled under the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma. The tools became stuck; a TORKease pill freed the tools in about 30 minutes, and additions of TORKease were maintained until the project was completed.
  • While drilling a horizontal hole to carry a utilities package under a runway at DFW Airport, the string became stuck. TORKease was introduced into the system, and within 1.5 hours the tools were freed and the boring project continued with further incident.

Only TORKease remains stable and decreases torque in our geothermal slim-hole, diamond coring operations where existing formation temperatures
exceed 500°F 

-New Mexico

Without TORKease on location to provide lubrication for our high temperature geothermal exploration tests, we shut down! 


If you improve TORKease any more, it will be so slick we won’t be able to keep it in the bucket!