What is TORKease, and Why is it Effective?

TORKease® is a proprietary Potassium-based lubricant, compounded with surfactants and anti-caking agents to make it dispersible in all water based drilling fluids. 

This non-hydrocarbon compound is a natural lubricant, and the potassium (K+) salt ion binds with any reactive minerals of the formation being drilled, which also attaches the large lubricating molecules to the wellbore surface. Typical lubricants, PHPAs, and glycols do not have this effect with reactive formations.

TORKease® Benefits

  • Superior Drilling Mud LubricantGeothermal Well
  • Highly Effective in Directional/Horizontal Wells
  • Reduces drill pipe torque, drag, and differential sticking
  • Reduces Trouble Time and overall well costs
  • Improves pump efficiency
  • Frees stuck pipe
  • Non-toxic, non-fluorescing, biodegradable
  • EPA approval for OCS federal waters
  • Non-damaging to producing formations
  • Assists 'sliding' during horizontal, MWD, and other directional drilling operations
  • Available as a liquid emulsion or dry concentrate formulation
  • Reduces sloughing shale, bit-balling, clay swelling
  • Excellent thermal stability in excess of 500°F (260°C); proven for use in hot holes and geothermal drilling operations worldwide
  • Effective in all water based systems, including sea/salt water and air/foam systems

Effect of TORKease® on Sticking Coefficient

TORKease was tested against a base mud system for lubricity. Independent laboratory studies indicated the following favorable results when using TORKease:

Sample Sticking Coefficient Filtrate
Base Mud 0.17 17.2
Base Mud + TORKease 0.02 9.3

EPA Offshore Approval

Based on LC50 bioassay data submitted to the EPA, TORKease is approved by the
EPA for use and discharge in Federal OCS drilling and workover operations;
approved maximum discharge concentration of TORKease is 2% by volume.

Formation Damage

Reverse permeability studies were performed, utilizing Brea Sandstone subjected to a freshwater Bentonite system and a 3% KCl/Xanthan Gum system.  When 1.5ppb TORKease was added to each of these systems, it was established that the addition of the TORKease did not alter the respective return permeability; in fact results indicated a slight improvement in the permeability of both fluid systems after the TORKease addition.

Conclusion: TORKease is a non-damaging drilling fluids additive in both Bentonite and polymer based systems.

Only TORKease remains stable and decreases torque in our geothermal slim-hole, diamond coring operations where existing formation temperatures
exceed 500°F 

-New Mexico

Without TORKease on location to provide lubrication for our high temperature geothermal exploration tests, we shut down! 


If you improve TORKease any more, it will be so slick we won’t be able to keep it in the bucket!